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DINTEK's unique productivity tool - the TECHBENCH

Imagine if you had a tool that allowed a much faster, easier, and stress-free termination of your copper and fiber optic cable? Well DINTEK has the perfect product.

Currently, the most popular method for terminating is either to mount panels inside a cabinet, and terminate from behind or to allow excess cable out the front of a cabinet and terminate cabling on the floor at an expensive purpose-built table.

The first method can have its drawbacks, particularly if there is not much space available for termination inside the cabinet. The second method can make the dressing of cable difficult particularly for wall-mounted cabinets, as a large amount of excess cable has to be addressed after termination.

So, the clever people at DINTEK thought "why don't we create a product that utilizes the cabinet itself" – and TECHBENCH is the result. 

Winner of the International Gold Award at the Cabling Innovators Awards 2017

The award-winning TECHBENCH is unique, as it has been designed for the termination of cabling from the front of the cabinet, instead of from behind.

Design & set-up

Designed purely for its functionality, the TECHBENCH is cleverly equipped with arms that attach to a standard cabinet rack, with added attachment for cabinets that contain alternative threaded screw holes. After opening, extract the left and right arms and slot them into place. The main unit can be put in place supported by these arms.


Tools and parts associated with the TECHBENCH and termination procedure can be stored inside on the tray, allowing for easy access to tools when terminating.

Cable termination

Cables to be terminated can be cut to their exact required length at the time of terminating, lessening the need to scrunch up spare cable above, below, or inside the cabinet, keeping return loss to a minimum.

Fitting the jacks

1U slots in the front enable the technician to mount an unloaded panel in place. Using DINTEK's ezi-TOOL system, all jacks can be terminated and fitted very quickly.  

Fitting the panel

Once all the cables are connected, they can be dressed onto rear-mounted management panels, and the panel screwed into place. The installer is then ready to move to the next required position. 

Easy to move

Once the TECHBENCH has been moved to its new position, the installer can now work on the next set of cables. The tray can also be used to carry out fusion splicing as well.

Multi-panel compatible

The TECHBENCH works equally well with 1U and 2U panels. It can also accommodate modular and unloaded varieties, as well as shielded options. The strength of the construction means there is no movement when using a 110 punchdown termination method.

Pack up is effortless

Once finished, the installer only has to disassemble the TECHBENCH, place the arms and other items inside the tray, and close the lids.

Compact design, ideal for transporting

Packaged in a sleek and easy-to-carry case, the lightweight design of the TECHBENCH makes it ideal for fitting easily into your vehicle and transporting from job to job.

The unit features a high-quality steel design which provides plenty of strength to enable working weight and punchdown
terminations without movement. It is equipped to accommodate a range of different DINTEK patch panels, 
including unloaded, modular, 1U, 2U, and even shielded & angled panels.

 Watch the TECHBENCH in action!

For information on pricing, please contact our sales team at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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