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EZI-LOCK Secure Boot Solution For Patch Cords

The DINTEK RJ45 ezi-LOCKTM locking solution for RJ45 plugs is the ideal solution for protecting your vital link from being accidentally disconnected or knocked out while re-patching works are being carried out. The DINTEK RJ45 ezi-LOCKTM locking solution consists of the strain relief boot and individual locking pin, making the boots suitable for standard RJ45 plugs. By utilising the ezi-LOCKTM locking boot when fitting off a patch lead, the end user can then decide whether or not to lock the plug in place by inserting the locking pin through the boot and preventing the RJ45 lock tab from being depressed. The unique design of the boot and locking pin means that no special tool is required for insertion or unlocking. The user simply pull back on the locking pin which then allows for the removal of the RJ45 plug.


◻ 1000BASE-TX Gigabit Ethernet 550MHz Broadband Video
◻ 10BASE-T, 100BASE-TX Fast Ethernet (IEEE 802.3) Voice, T1, ISDN
◻ 100 VG – AnyLAN (IEEE802.12), 155/622 Mbps ATM
◻ PoE++ & 4PPoE - iEEE 802.3bt level 3 & 4


◻ Compatible with all industry standard RJ45 Cat 5e and Cat 6 RJ45 Plugs
◻ Enhances network security and up-time
◻ Prevents accidental disconnection on critical connections
◻ Housing Material - Polycarbonate (PC) UL 94V-0 UL 94V-2
◻ PoE++ & 4PPoE - iEEE 802.3bt level 3 & 4 compliant
◻ Available in Cat5e and Cat6 cable size ratings
◻ Ideal for Data Centre use

After stripping cable and loading wires into plug, push boot into place with forward arms entering into plug body.

Insert plug into RJ45 termination crimp tool and compress to terminate and seal RJ45 shell against boot forward arms

Insert locking pin into place ready for use after the RJ45 plug has been inserted to its destination port. 
Press pin forward to lock.

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