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In keeping with DINTEK'S dedication to providing its customers with not only the best products to use, but also the means by which to effectively install and connect these products, we have developed the TECHBENCH to help our customers lower connection times and maximize their profits.

The Usual Method

Currently the most popular methods for terminating copper and fiber optic products is either to mount panels inside a cabinet, and terminate from behind or to allow excess cable out the front of a cabinet and terminate cabling on the floor or at an expensive purpose built table. The currently accepted method has its drawbacks particularly if there is not much space available for termination behind the frame or inside the cabinet.

The Difficult Method

Sometimes we don't have the luxury of a cabinet that we can remove the sides from. We may be terminating our cables into a wall mounted cabinet which may or may not have a hinged backmount.

And if it is an existing cabinet that has been already terminated close to maximum capacity, we will have to accommodate the existing cabling and the limited space that we be available.

The Crazy Method

Another method, is too allow lots of spare cable at the cabinet, and connect the patch panels on the floor in front of the cabinet.
This can make dressing of cabling difficult particularly for wall mounted cabinets, as the large amount of excess cable has to be addressed after termination.
Where do you hide 2-3 mtrs of extra cable in a wall mounted or free standing cabinet that contains 200-300 cables 

These solutions can also be very bulky as well. And who has this much room in the back of the van ?

At DINTEK we thought, "why can't the product utilize the cabinet itself" and TECHBENCH is the result.
With TECHBENCH, the installer mounts the bench on the front of the cabinet, and by doing this there is much less excess cabling required, and all of the space allowance of being in front of the cabinet.

That's were Techbench Comes in ...

The Design

The Techbench has been specifically designed to fit into either wall mounted or free standing cabinets. The unit comes with additional brackets to use if the cabinet frame uses threaded holes instead of the usual cage nut holes.


After opening the Techbench, extract the left and right arms and slot them into place. Once that is done, the main unit can be put in place supported by these arms.


Tools and parts associated with the TECHBENCH and termination procedure can be stored inside the Techbench tray, allowing for easy access to tolls when terminating.

Cable Termination

Cables to be terminated can be their exact correct length at the time of terminating, lessening the need to scrunch up spare cable above, below or inside the cabinet, and keep return loss to a minimum.

Fitting The Jacks

1U slots in the front enable the techician to mount an unloaded panel in place. Using the ezi-TOOL Quick Connect solution all jacks can be terminated and fitted very quickly.

Fitting The Panel

Once all cables are connected they can be dressed on to rear mounted management panels, and the panel screwed into place. The installer is then ready to move to the next required position.

Esay To Move

Once the Techbench has been moved to its new position, the install can now work on the next set of cables, or consequently the tray could be used to carry out fusion splicing as well.

Multi Panel Compatible

The TechBench works equally well with 1U & 2U panels. It also can accommodate modular and unloaded varieties as well as shielded options. The strength of the construction means there is no movement when using a 110 punchdown termination method.

Pack Up Is Effortless

Once finished the installer has only but to dissasemble the techbench, placing the arms and other items inside the tray, and closing the lids

Watch The Video here..

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