Where your network cables are concerned, you can't truly get connected without RJ45 plugs. The RJ45 plug (Registered Jack-45 to be precise..) is the little connector at the end of the cable that connects to your TV, computer, router, etc. Their actual name is "8P8C" (8 position, 8 contact), referring to the 8 positions that each plug consists of, each spaced approximately 1mm apart. Individual wires are then inserted into these positions. There are a variety of 8P8C connectors available, with the modern RJ45 Ethernet connector being the most prevalent.

DINTEK offers a range of RJ45 plugs suitable for use with Cat.5e, Cat.6, and Cat.6A cable, including their Pass-Through Plug and Industrial-Grade Field Plug suitable for use in harsher environments.

PowerMAX RJ45 Pass-Through ezi-PLUG

For use with both solid and stranded core cables, the DINTEK Pass-Through ezi-PLUG allows the wire to be passed through the connector so the twists in each pair can be pulled closer to the contacts than conventional plugs.

By maintaining the twists as close to the point of termination as possible, it significantly decreases crosstalk and markedly increases performance. This in turn improves the overall headroom capability of the link, providing the end-user with the best possible bandwidth.

Using DINTEK's Pass-Through ezi-PLUG Crimp Tool you can quickly crimp and cut the wires of the Pass-Through ezi-PLUG RJ45 connector, in one simple move! Manufactured from high-strength steel, it includes a convenient wire cutter in the handle.

DuraMAX360 RJ45 Field Terminated Plug

DINTEK's Industrial-Grade RJ45 Field Plug has been designed for easy installation and field termination while being contained in a rugged package - ideal for harsher environments.The plug can be configured in 4 different right angle positions, depending on the application environment and the directional requirement for the cable to exit away from the plug. Termination has been achieved using the ezi-CONNECTTM IDC system, which allows a reliable and easy termination process without the need to strip the wires. 

 The DuraMAX360 comes in a Cat.6 and Cat.6A version and is suitable for up to 10G Base-T networks

field terminable plug for Cat.6A cable assemblies, wireless access points, cameras, and switch/server connections. Robust die-cast housing provides superior shielding and mitigates alien crosstalk.

500Mhz PERFORMANCEfor a 10GBASE-T channel compliant network to support 10 Gb Ethernet; Fully backwards compatible with Cat.5e or Cat.6; Cat.6A shielded connector supports 22 to 26 AWG solid or stranded shielded wire with an outside diameter between 6mm and 8mm.

The DuraMAX360 can be used for data, telecom, wireless, PoE applications and industrial equipment connections

TOOL FREE RJ45 TERMINATION with an open hinged design simplifying placement and termination of bulky shielded cable compared to a cramped modular plug; IDC modules can be wired for T568A or T568B wiring.

SUPERIOR CONSTRUCTION of RJ45 connectors enables excellent suppression of EMI, NEXT, and AXT electromagnetic noise and crosstalk. A screw-on metal strain relief boot protects the cable integrity and increases the shielding performance.

4PPoE PLUS COMPATIBLE with compliant Cat.6A shielded Ethernet cable for IEEE 802.3bt Power over Ethernet (PoE+ or 4PPoE) applications.

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