DINTEK Electronic limited is currently updating its ETL verification certificates for some of its Cat5e, Cat6 & Cat6A products.

So we thought we might take the time to explain what is third party testing, Why do we use it, and what are the benefits of using product which bears the mark of a third party testing entity.

1. What is third party testing?

Third-party certification means that an independent organization has reviewed the manufacturing process of a product and has independently determined that the final product complies with specific standards for safety, quality or performance. This review typically includes comprehensive formulation/material reviews, testing and facility inspections. Most certified products bear the certifier's mark on their packaging to help consumers and other buyers make educated purchasing decisions.

2. Why do we carry out 3rd party testing?

Because 3rd party performance testing demonstrates to the manufacturers customers that the product offered is of high quality. In a crowded market, it is also an ideal way to give the manufacturers products a competitive edge.

3. What are the benefits for customers using products which bear the mark of a third party tester?

Independent, third-party testing and certification through benefits customers because it:

        • Demonstrates the product complies with national or international standards and regulations
        • Demonstrates that through independent validation and verification the manufacturer has shown commitment to safety and quality
        • Provides the customer with an assurance that the products meet or exceed the minimum specified performance criteria

ETL Verified is a product certification mark that demonstrates that a product has met certain design and performance standards. Sponsoring organizations from within the represented industries develop the relevant standards.
Intertek serves as the administrator of the mark, reviewing products and bestowing those that qualify with the credential.

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