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DINTEK Networking Tools

DINTEK Networking tools comprise our ezi-TOOL quick connect range, 110 and krone style termination tools, Award winning TechbenchTM installer termination bench, crimpers and cable strippers. All tools are chosen for thier quality, performance and cost effectiveness. The industry is constantly monitored for new technologies and our networking tool list is added to as the industry requires.

DINTEK Electronic.... Systems you can rely on.

Product Code: 6103-01005
DINTEK ezi-TOOL90 - Horizontal Tool

Product Code: 6103-01006
DINTEK ezi-TOOL180 - Vertical Tool

Product Code: 6101-01006
DINTEK Economy UTP Cable Stripper

Product Code: 6101-05002
DINTEK UTP/STP Cable Strippers

Product Code: 8204-03001

Product Code: 6201-03004
DINTEK Continuity Twin-Testers

Product Code: 6103-04001
DINTEK 5-Pair 110 Punchdown Tool

Product Code: 6102-01002
DINTEK Premium RJ45 Crimp Tool

Product Code: 6102-01001
DINTEK Heavy Duty RJ45 Crimp Tool

Product Code: 6100-00001
Keystone Jack Working Base

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