"Reflecting our unwavering commitment to a greener future for our planet and generations to come."

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01Resource Conservation

DINTEK is dedicated to the efficient use of natural resources, including raw materials, energy, and water. Through responsible sourcing, efficient manufacturing processes, and energy-saving initiatives, DINTEK aims to minimize resource consumption and reduce its ecological footprint.

02Waste Management & Reduction

The ISO 14001 policy guides DINTEK's efforts in waste management and reduction. By implementing practices such as waste segregation, recycling, and proper disposal methods, DINTEK aims to minimize waste generation and promote a circular economy approach that maximizes the reuse of materials.

03Eco-Friendly Product Design

DINTEK integrates environmental considerations into its product design and development processes. This includes designing products with a focus on energy efficiency, recyclability, and reduced environmental impact throughout their lifecycle. By offering eco-friendly products, DINTEK contributes to a more sustainable technology landscape.

Environmental Statement

DINTEK Electronic Ltd (the company) believes it has an important duty to ensure good environmental performance in all its business operations and to provide the necessary organizational skills, commitment and training to fulfill this obligation. DINTEK Electronic Ltd fully believes in, and is committed to monitoring and improving environmental performance, pollution prevention and environmental protection.

The incorporation of environmental responsibility into all business operations through environmental protection planning, reviewing and developing policy, by setting targets and reviewing and auditing performance.

Requirements of existing and future legislation, and encouraging those working within our company to meet the same standards.

The implementation of a comprehensive waste minimization program to achieve objectives and targets to reduce waste, avoid the use of terminal waste treatment and dealing with it as far as possible at source.

The pursuing of continuous improvement in environmental performance, where reasonably practicable, by setting objectives and targets, especially in addressing the areas of resource use, by reducing energy and water consumption, increasing re-using and recycling habits and improving solid and liquid waste management methods.

Commitment to maintaining effective communication systems on environmental matters through training and improved awareness. ·

DINTEK Electronic Ltd will promote its objectives and will respond positively to inquiries and suggestions from both inside and outside the company.

All employees of DINTEK Electronic Ltd have responsibilities for policy implementation by participating and contributing to its success through their actions and suggestions.

Jason Chang


Managing Director

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